NYS Teacher Certification

All teachers employed in New York State public schools must hold a valid teaching certificate in accordance with Sections 3001 and 3009 of Education Law and Part 80 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. Remember that your certification is your responsibility! The following resources will help guide you in understanding what you need to do to keep your certification current and who to contact for assistance.



NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives

Contact information for the Office of Teaching Initiatives:

Tel: (518) 474-2121

Fax: (518) 447-2979


Search for the certificates you hold HERE.


NYSUT Research & Educational Services

Contact information for the Research & Educational Services Department:

(518) 213-6000 Ext. 6712 or (800) 342-9810

gjeffers@nysutmail.org or cmchugh@nysutmail.org


Teacher Certification Fact Sheet from NYSUT - 2014

Professional Development Fact Sheet from NYSUT - 2014



TST BOCES Regional Certification Office

Contact information for the BOCES Regional Certification Office:

257-1551 Ext. 309



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