ITA Leadership

Union leadership consists of Officers, Chairpersons, NYSUT Delegates, Building Representatives and Committee Members. These positions are elected positions or appointed positions according to our Association Constitution and By-Laws.

ITA Administrative Assistant, Kathye Arrington, ita1375@yahoo.com


Union Officers

President, Adam Piasecki, adamp612@hotmail.com
1st Vice President, Kathryn Cernera, ms.cernera@gmail.com
2nd Vice President, Liz Quadrozzi 
Secretary, Matt Fellman 
Treasurer, Brian Goodman


Committee Chairpeople

Professional Practices and Rights Chair
Health and Safety Chair, David Isley
Elections Chair, Ben Kirk
Social Justice Committee Chair, Rafael Chamberlain
Community and Member Events Co-Chairs, TBD
Political Action Chair, Emily Snyder
Membership Chair, Melissa Crawford
Solidarity Chair, Aurora Rojer
VOTECOPE Chair, Andrew Lesser



Paula Berman, Adam Piasecki, David Isley, Kathryn Cernera, Fran Farrell, Stan Mathews

NYSTRS Delegates

Susan Danskin, Roz Gutterman, Adam Piasecki (alternate), Melissa Crawford (alternate) 

Ithaca Teachers Association Constitution